Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9: The Time

Timing is so important!!

Most would say timing is everything!

You wouldn't propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend during or right after a big would wait until you felt your relationship was strongest then pop the question. Right?

Well in my case....I wanted to move January 2013 kick off the new year with a fresh start but I had to sit down and really think of this January is such a slow period for hotels because nobody is really traveling so I bumped my moving date back to November 2012 because I figured more places would be hiring around the holidays!!


I know that some times change happens and its out of your hands or happens when it happens but you have to think about the next steps to come think of timing and think is this the right time to.......

Financially is it time to.......Emotionally......Physically....whatever the case may be

Reality hurts sometimes so make sure you have the time frame of everything in place so it will not risk the end result!!

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