Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 27: The Breakdowns

Ohh my!! I know this subject way too much!!

I am such a nervous wreck here lately.....all this change in my life is at times so overwhelming and stressful!!

I have been working part time at a hotel here in Columbus, Ohio and as if working part time wasn't hard enough my hours got cut even more so now trying to move save up for rent and moving expenses has become much more harder!!

I literally called my sister crying my eyes out because I didn't know how I was going to be able to do it!!

At that point I was ready to just give up!!

But she gave me some good advice and really made me feel like I really wasn't crazy....this is normal!!

You have your breakdowns just as normal as you have happiness!!

Its just part of the process!!

I feel like when your doing great and everything is planned out and ready then life throws something at you to knock you back to reality!

Life is hard!!

You just have to take everything thats thrown at you and deal with it!! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right????

Sometimes you just need a good that case cry it out ladies who cares!!!! I cried to my sister for a good 20-30min. after that phone call I felt soo much better!!

Breakdowns are going to happen its inevitable its just how you deal with them!!

All of these things are temporary just pick yourself up and continue moving forward!!!

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