Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 24: The Pick Me Ups

Pick Me Ups are amazing!!

I like to have these regularly just because they make me feel good!

It really can be anything!!
I love....
Apple Cider & Powdered Donuts!  
Milk & Cookies! 
Popcorn & Milk!
Movie Night!
Hot Chocolate!

Just something nice, simple and fun for myself!!

I also do these things when Alyssa has a good day we cuddle up in bed and watch a movie or TV Show while eating a special snack!!

Its times like these that make everything worth it!

Everything in life happens for a reason we have our good days where we are so thankful for everything and anything that happens in our life.........

Then we have our bad days where we question everything and anything that is happening in our lives!

Just know that bad days will come and try to knock you down but get back up and keep at it!

Your never going to accomplish anything if you keep giving up!

I personally think that's why Pick Me Ups are soo good!!

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