Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 21: The Wants

Everybody wants what they can't have....we have all heard that!

But it is soo true!!!

For me....I am moving so I want all of these really cute decorations for my new apartment as well as new sofa and living room kitchen applianes!! I could go on and on!!

But financially its not reality for me to get everything that I want!!

When starting over you need to determine what it is you really want...look at the BIG picture!!

Then come back down to reality....

I want a safe home for Alyssa......I want a nice bed and nice furniture.....the essentials I need to prepare food for Alyssa!!

I want what is absolutely neccesary!!!

I want to be able to provide for my family without struggle!!

The wants!!

Really sit down and think about what it is you want from all of this change in your life!!

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