Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16- Week 3

So yesterday was the beginning of Week 3 and sadly I gained .4 lbs but honestly life has been so crazy I have not been dieting or even working out!
I received a phone call last week stating that Alyssa got accepted into Head Start! It was super exciting but I have been so busy trying to figure everything out.
I only had a couple days to decide what to do.
My sister Ashley is her nanny so she watches Alyssa while I'm at work, so I had to make sure that if I'm at work she would be able to get Alyssa to and from school without causing her much inconvenience.
My work schedule is extremely crazy and unreliable so if Alyssa's school schedule and my sisters schedule did not mesh well together then Alyssa would not be able to go to school.
But thankfully everything has been working out perfectly!!
I have been waking up with her, getting her ready for school and then picking her up early so I can spend time with her before I go to work. Unfortunately I have been on nights all week so I don't get to spend a lot of time with her but some is better than none!

Here is a picture of her on her first day of school!

Anyway, with all of this craziness going on I have not been very good during my ME time!
After I drop Alyssa off for school I have 3 1/2 hours all to myself which I have not been spending wisely!
Honestly, I have just been exhausted!
Today I went school shopping for Alyssa, since I thought she wasn't going to school I didn't buy anything. Last week I bought her a cute outfit for her 1st day (shown in above picture) along with a backpack. Since she is going to school I wanted to make sure she had plenty of clothes that would fit her throughout the year! 

Although I have been getting a lot done in my personal life, unfortunately my challenge has been pushed aside!
I feel very discouraged about that!
I will say that I am very happy I didn't gain my 2 lbs back, but I still need some motivation for me to use my time wisely and get my workouts in before Alyssa gets out of school and before I go into work.

I need some motivation ladies!!

I have been giving a lot of advice, but haven't been getting much advice. 
Please leave some advice in the comments and let me know how you motivate yourselves into working out!!

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  1. Look in the mirror. That's what motivates me. Not every single day, but at LEAST two days per week I need to workout, because what I'm look'n at in the mirror ain't what it should be!