Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8- The Beginning Of Week 2

Today is the beginning of week #2
I have made it my mission to exercise at least 3 times this week if not more!
Today I was not feeling the greatest but decided to man up and go on a walk with my nephew!

He wanted to jog and run I on the other hand did not, I had a full belly and didn't want to make myself sick so I went for a nice little walk!

I walked 1 mile in 20.18 minutes
After the mile I had so much energy I wanted to keep going but unfortunately I had to start getting ready for work!

Spoiler alert!!!
I weighed myself this morning and have already lost 2.2lbs!!!

While looking at the scale I wanted to say...
 Are you serious? I failed many days last week and I still lost!

You know, that really just makes me wanna jump for joy!!

I feel so much more motivated! 

I am going to push myself this week and get good quality workouts in!
I'm not going to get all caught up on that evil number on the scale but it is exciting watching it get smaller!

Honestly I just want to fit into my skinny jeans with comfort!!

Here is a pic of my walk from today!!

Stay motivated ladies!!
Losing 2.2lbs was just the beginning!!
It may be a small victory but a victory nonetheless!!!

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