Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 24- Being Accountable

In Wednesday's post I told you all that I had a very busy day planned for Thursday but was planning on using my TV time wisely! 

I did, not as good as I would've liked to but I did use it!

I came home and put Alyssa to bed and began to get ready to sit down for my weekly obsession Scandal
during the first commercial I was like Ohh Crap I'm suppose to be doing at least sit-ups....then I was like ugh I don't feel like it!

BUT....on the second commercial I got up and got my stability ball and started doing sit-ups!!!

I tried to do sit-ups during all of the commercials after that but sometimes it didn't happen because my sister and I were having an important conversation! 

But when I went to bed I did feel good for keeping my word and holding myself accountable!!

I weighed myself on Tuesday weighing in at 190.8 so I had gained .4 from the previous week, well ladies guess what.....Today when I woke up I weighed myself and I am very excited to say I am weighing in at 189.4

It is only 1.4 lb difference but hey it's only Friday, I still have 4 days before the next week starts off and the most important thing's progress!

Celebrate the little things ladies!!

I have been trying really hard the past couple days to keep myself motivated and to push myself to work out even if I didn't feel like it!

This is my favorite fitness is 100% the truth

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