Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6- What Keeps Me Motivated

Motivation: The act or an instance of motivatingor providing with reason to act in a certain way.

I lack motivation very much! The one thing that seems to help get me motivated is by thinking that I'm letting you all down by not continuing this challenge! 
I look in the mirror and I see myself not as who I am but who I have become. 

I don't like that person!

You would think looking at myself everyday would be motivation but sadly, it is not!

Thinking of Alyssa looking up at me as she is growing up and seeing her mother as an overweight woman and allowing her to become unhealthy and overweight makes me very sad! That helps me feel motivated!

I want to set a good example for Alyssa! I want Alyssa to be proud of me and also think I am a hip and cool mom when she is a teenager! 
Was that last part a bit much? 
I don't think so!!

It is very hard to stay motivated especially when it comes to weight loss! You may be working out everyday and sweating an ocean but still step on that scale and see no change, but you are doing it and that's what you need to remember! 

Remember that as much as age is just number so is weight!

It doesn't matter so much how much you weigh it matters how you feel!

Are you okay with how your body looks? If not then work your butt off to change it!
If you want to fit into the sexy little black dress or those skinny jeans, then set a goal, make a plan and do it!!

Everybody has trouble with motivation even me!!

We can help each other! 
If you are feeling unmotivated leave me a comment and I will help you!

You help me too! With all this rain here in Louisville I feel like a big blob laying on the couch, the weather is crappy therefore I feel crappy! 
Help me stay motivated people!!

Here are a couple things to help you stay motivated....

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