Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 26- My Day Of Rest

I have just been taking it easy today! An man do I need it!
My legs are killin' me!!

Actually this is weird because my right leg is a little sore but nothing too noticeable 
my left leg is absolutely killing me every time I put pressure on it, every time I walk, I just feel it in my left leg!
I don't know if I pulled something in my leg or what but earlier I just laid on the sofa, heated up my corn bag and just massaged my legs with it, I was in soo much pain!

See, this is what happens when I think I'm a champion!! 

I felt so great after Friday's exercise but I have been feelin' it since then!
Maybe I did too much too soon! I didn't think I was but maybe!

Tomorrow I have to work but just in the morning so I'm hoping to do some sit-ups with my Stability Ball when I get home!!

I've gotta keep my momentum going!!!

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