Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 22- Excuses, Excuses

I just want to say that when it comes to working out everybody has excuses on why they couldn't work out!
I am full of them you can clearly see that here on my blog!

Honestly I could be working out right now but I am writing this post! 

I care about this blog and I care about my health, do I want to workout heck no really ladies, who actually wants to work out?

Do I need to to become more healthy heck yes!!

But there are a lot of excuses or reasons on why I have been failing tremendously this week!

It is sad when you look at this past week and realize you didn't do as good as you wanted to!

My problem is that in the moment I always think oh well I will just workout longer tomorrow to make up for missing today but in all reality I don't! I say I will eat out tonight but then I will eat healthy the rest of the week and then I wont.

I have a fast food addiction and it wins 90% of the time!
I don't have a lot of time to prepare meals and even less time to cook meals!

I did really awesome in making that chili but after 3 days I didn't want to eat it anymore! I ended up throwing more than half of it away!
That was pre-made and healthy it should have been easy for me to grab on the go but it wasn't!

All I can really say is that yes I fail many times and yes I have a lot of reasons excuses on my I am not or did not work out but that does not stop me!! Maybe for a couple days but I want to be healthy and loose weight and no matter if it takes me 1 years or 1 month eventually it will happen!!
We can do what we can do!

Don't beat yourselves up ladies, it will be okay!

Today I am motivated to kick this challenge in the butt!!

Who's with me!!! No more excuses!!

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