Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2- Get My Exercise On!

Hey Ya'll! I must say that I have had a fantastic day today! I am super pumped and motivated for no reason I just feel good about this challenge!!

This morning I had an appointment that I had to go to, I was running a little late but made it there on time! I had to park way far out which was okay I just kept telling myself, walking is good exercise! 

I had Alyssa with me and she did great with the walking, and the waiting so I rewarded her with a fun trip to the Waterfront Park at Riverfront!  It was completely empty which was a total fail because she didn't want to play by herself so we went a walkin'! I took some really cute pictures of her by the water!

The weather was beautiful and I had a couple of hours to spare so I texted my sister Ashley and said wanna meet me at we can walk the bridge? She said yes!!

So at Waterfront Park there is a bridge called The Big Four Bridge it's a bridge that you can walk on and go over the Ohio River and into Indiana!! So cool right?! Well that's what we did today!!

Here you can see in the background the Big Four Bridge! 
It has a ramp that wraps around and connects to the bridge from ground level!

Here is a picture of me right at the top of the ramp where you start crossing the Bridge!
As you can see by my outfit lol this was a spur of the moment thing but in my mind I was thinking if I go home I'm not going to get my exercise! 
This was me taking this challenge seriously!!

This picture is of me on the Indiana side! It is currently still in process but where I was standing was above Indiana ground!
I did it, I walked to Indiana!!

Here are my stats!!
I walked 1.58 miles and it took me 48 minutes and 8 seconds!
I burned 185 Calories!

Now give me grace peeps!

Ashley & I walked this with 3 children all 3 and under!

I would say that is an accomplishment!!!

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