Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25- I'm Feelin' Great!

I have been pushing myself to kick this challenge in the butt and today that is exactly what I did!!
It was rather chilly this morning but I didn't let that stop me!
I threw on my yoga pants,shirt and my sweater jumped into my car and drive to The Big Four Bridge!

I went by myself which didn't stop me either, I don't mind walking/running alone, I just put in my ear buds and jam out to Pandora!

Today I did not listen to my fav station Glee Cast I actually listened to Boyce Avenue which are awesome if you haven't heard of them! They are an upcoming band they do a lot of covers but they sound great and I love them!!

At one point the music was just really mellow and I needed something a little more up beat to keep me going so I switched to my Bulletproof Station. This station is crazy but very upbeat! I really love it this is my "Gettin' stuff done station" It was made from the UK Singer La Roux which I love as well! She sings the song Bulletproof! Obviously! Hehe!

Anyways those were my go to stations today! I did a mix-up of jogging and walking all the way up the ramp and over the bridge then back down. I then walked across the parking lot and got some water and took a small 5 minute break then did it again! Up the ramp and across the bridge and then back down!
This time I did not stop and pause my workout! 

Here is a picture of me before I left....

Here is what I did....

This was really awesome!! I don't know why but I just had so much motivation and drive to jog/walk the bridge twice! I didn't plan on doing that but when I got there I was on my way back from my first round and was like I'm gonna go again! It just felt right to do it twice!!

After I was done I just felt so pumped and happy! I felt like I had achieved a goal! 

I just felt so good and proud of myself!!

This feeling is awesome, have you ladies ever gotten this feeling??

If not, how do you feel after working out!


  1. Oh my gosh I never meet anyone who has also heard of Boyce Avenue. Aren't they awesome!?!/

  2. I am in LOVE with Boyce Avenue! I really enjoy the mash-ups they do!! Almost as much as Glee hehe! How did you hear of them?