Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 20- Take Care Of Yourself

Ya know how yesterday I said I took a day of rest for myself? Well if you haven't read my post yet you can get to it from HERE
In yesterdays post I wrote about how I was so sore from my workouts that I decided to take a day of rest for myself! 
Well that was a physical rest day!
Today I took a mental rest day!
I am talking about caring for yourself mind, body and soul.
Some people have a day off and sit on the couch watching tv all day, I want you to know that is A OK with me!! I have done that numerous times and still do it numerous times, when I can!
But today I was able to go to church!! I have been going to this new church for a couple months (I think) off and on due to my schedule.
It was just so awesome I just felt so relaxed and refreshed when I got home! I was just so excited to be able to go to church!
I was even more excited to find out that Natalie Grant was a special guest at my church and actually lead our worship!!
How cool is that?!?
I was so happy and just felt so at ease with everything!
I did have to work that night but I didn't let that rain on my parade, I don't mind working Sundays as long as I get to go to church!
Actually, my church has a Saturday night service as well so if I can't make it on Sunday I can always go on Saturdays!
If you don't go to church that is fine you can refresh your body other ways!

Here are some tips on how to refresh yourself from Maria Shriver:
1. Get Rid of the Guilt
2. Spend Time Wisely
3. Splurge For Something Special
4. Be A Tourist, In Your Own Town
5. Delegate and De-Stress Throughout the Day

You can read more about these HERE

These are some really good tips! I always feel a little guilty when I take time for myself, especially since I work such crazy hours I feel like I should be with Alyssa more than anything!

Usually, on my days off I don't even get dressed, I just lounge around in my Pjs until I have to leave the house then I decide to get dressed! There's nothing wrong with that!!

The main thing is that we have to take care of ourselves before we even try to take care of others!!!

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