Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18- Zumba

Today I started working out to my youtube videos again using my stability ball, but after a while I decided to do Zumba!

I started Zumba For Beginners you can find that video right.....HERE

It was really awesome, I loved it!!

This was the first time I ahd watched this video and I was able to keep up with the movements as they were doing them! It was really fun and they play energetic music to keep you going!!

I use to have Zumba for the Wii but it was very fast paced and I could not keep up with it. I actually did not want to do Zumba again because I could not keep up but this video was awesome and I would highly recommend it!!

I will say that they have some hip movements that I did not do, a lot of thrusting!!

While they were doing that I just walked in place!

I have been rocking it the past 2 days I worked out for some seemed like forever yesterday and then was right back at it today!! 

I don't know why but I am feeling very awesome!

It has just been a great week!!!

How are you all doing out there ladies??

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