Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 17- Using My Stability Ball

I have had this stability ball for probably 2 years and it has been collecting dust in my closet! Until, today I finally got it out and used it.

I don't have anything like P90X or T25 
Honestly I have just been wigging it! 
I have been looking up videos on YouTube and that's what I have been using for my workouts!

The first video I used was from HASFit
You can find the video....HERE

Honestly I LOVE this guy he was really good at explaining all the movements.
I did find a couple of them to be very challenging so after this video I started looked up beginner videos.
I really want to start using my stability ball more regularly that way I have no excuse I can workout in and out of the home!
I worked out to a couple different videos you can find them....

Beginner Exercise Ball Workout....HERE

Total Body Exercise Ball Workout.....HERE

Ball Ab Busters.......HERE

Out of all of these videos I would say that the last one Ball Ab Busters was the most intense!!

Honestly I fell so many times that I am not sure if I'm sore form falling or sore from the actual workout!!

But I will say these either way I'm sore and either way I'm still working out!!!

You have to take that first step ladies!!

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