Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 19- I'm Soo Sore

After my two days of workouts with my stability ball and zumba videos I am soo sore!
My legs have been sore after running or riding a bike but the exercises in these videos are leg strength and ab workouts.
My abs are sore, my legs are sore. I feel like I'm falling apart!

I decided to make Saturday my day of rest!

I did not workout at all today and I did not feel guilty!

I did laundry, cleaned my basement and even went to Mulberry Orchards with my sister and her kiddos!

It was really nice although it rained pretty much all day yesterday we still went to the Orchard and picked out pumpkins and my sister bought apples for apple crisp!!

Since my work schedule is crazy hectic this week after rest time and playtime Alyssa & I carved our pumpkins!!

Here are some pictures....

This was the 1st pumpkin Alyssa picked!
I told her to get a bigger one that way we could carve them 

This pumpkin is much you can see!
Yes her pumpkin has eyelashes!!

Here is my pumpkin!! I forgot to take a before picture but here is the after!
Yes I just had to make me a GLEE Pumpkin!!
Nothing else seemed to fit my personality!!

So, although I did not work out today I did some hard labor....
Cleaning My Basement
Picking Out/Up Pumpkins

It was a great day spent with family!!

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