Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4- Burns So Good

I was having a pretty lazy morning yesterday, didn't really feel like working out but I forced myself to get off my couch and go for a walk with Alyssa! I put her in the stroller threw my armband on and put on my favorite Pandora Station......Glee Cast

Yes! That is right my favorite workout Pandora Station is the Glee Cast Station!
Do any of you all watch Glee??   I am a total Gleek!!
I LOVE the show! Honestly, the first time I ran, I ran to
"Don't Stop believin"

It was awesome!! That song is my favorite!
So anyway, yesterday I walked and didn't stop unless I had to cross the road. I feel like it was more of a power walk then actually walking! 
I live in a neighborhood and 2 times around my neighborhood is 1 mile so I walked for 1 mile then Alyssa was being cranky so I went home and Ashley asked me if I would take my nephew! Honestly, I wasn't planning on walking another round but said okay! Well Ashley suggested taking the jogging stroller so I could jog but it was hooked up to Michael my brother-in-law's bike.
So I decided to ride his bike! Then when Alyssa saw us putting my nephew in the stroller she decided she wanted to go again.

So we put her in the stroller as well.
So I rode Michael's bike around the neighborhood with the 2 babies in the stroller.
Alyssa weighs 29lbs 
My nephew weighs almost 22lbs
So, I was pulling 51lbs!!

Let me tell you! I thought I was going to die about 1 minute into riding that bike! 
This is no joke!
I barely made it around the when I got to the corner and had to cross the street I walked across with Michael's bike then decided to just keep walking. I have to cross the street 4 times so after the fourth time I started riding again and somehow it seemed easier that time so coming up to my house I decided to go a second round! 
Ohh my word I had no idea that I was this out of shape! My legs were killing me!
When I got home I started yelling for my sister Ashley! I thought I was going to pass out no joke I was all shaky and sweaty! I had her get the babies out of the stroller and I went inside and laid down on the floor!
I am not kidding in no manner when I say that bike was legit! I felt horrible afterwards, I drank some water and just laid there to try and catch my breath and relax then after about 20-30 minutes I got up and was fine I actually felt good!
I took a shower and actually felt proud of myself!
Although I am very much embarrassed that I reacted that way! I did it!
I am starting to feel that I am way in over my head with this challenge!!!

But at the end of the day this is what I completed:
1 mile power walking
1 mile bike riding

That my friends is an accomplishment!!!


  1. Thanks Andrea! I am glad that I did it, but man oh man was it hard!! haha!